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Read through your blog and found it very helpful so many thanks. That sounds like an awesome trip, Karl! Very helpful article! My friend an I are planning a 21 day road trip next August! Do you have any car rental tips for 22 year olds? Plus, there are some awesome places to see between Michigan and the West Coast! Just surfing around looking for tips and ideas on road tripping in the US and came across this.

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Thanks for the write up, the park pass info was definitely helpful. We will be starting in Victoria, BC home , driving down the coast to LA, then to Vegas…but not sure where to head next. The Grand Canyon is well worth seeing, and Utah is chock full of incredible landscapes and national parks. Hi guys.

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If anyone has some comments for me here would be awesome. I have a friend getting married on Vancouver Island in early June. Basically I want to go from Vancouver across to New York and then maybe down to florida. A short cruise around the Carribean maybe if time permits and maybe then fly back to LA and home to NZ from there.

I know America is BIG. I will be ready to leave Vancouver on about the 7th or 8th of June and need to be back in New Zealand on about the 7th of July. I would love to drive something I could sleep in,i. Apparently there is a possibility of relocating campers or cars for rental companies from one city back to their base city , so any hints on this would be great.

I have approx 1 Month for my road trip so looking forward to it. Hey Graeme!

I think you could definitely do that trip in a month, though you would have to pick and choose where you want to stop and spend some time. You might just have to bite the bullet and pay for a car! Hey these were some good tips for sure, cheers for putting them up. Me and a mate are planning to do about 2 months driving around the States in the summer. Anyways, I will put the budgeting section of your article to good use once I have the chance to travel again. Great post Amanda! Loved reading your blog, Amanda.

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I live in India and have done quite a few road trips in the US. Just a few tips for non-US road trippers: 1.

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Rent a car with all the insurance you can get. Makes it more expensive but gives you complete peace of mind. If the driver is less than 21 years old, Fox rentals usually rents to those above 19 with an extra charge. Make sure you have your passport, driving license and credit card with you for renting a car. I prefer a SUV, makes the whole ride a lot more comfortable plus one feels a lot safer in them when passing a wheel truck!

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On the hotels, I found Best Western usually gave me what I was looking for — free breakfast, free parking, free wi-fi and well located. For longer stays I preferred Airbnb. Just got back from a 2 month trip from Savannah, Ga to San Diego and back. Lived in a self built camper van the whole time, saving a ton on hotels and rooms.

Highly recommended!! Loved the article, good tips for a short stint on the road!! Check out my Instagram page radicalnomads. Have a great day everyone! Thank you so very much for sharing these fabulous details. So kind of you. Makes it so much easier for the rest of us novices! My husband and I made our road trip miles this past summer.

Sounds like a great trip! Pack half the clothes you think you need and twice the budget!

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Hi Amanda Your post is like a Godsend! My daughter will be 17 and my son 11 when we make the trip this summer, and I am so excited. I think we will have a good six weeks on the road. I hope to start in Seattle and head down the coast to southernost California, but am so sad to skip Utah that I am actually considering doing some zigzagging.

Do you think that is a bad idea? Am so happy to have found your blog! Sounds like an awesome trip, Kristin! And those ages are great to do it with, too. As far as doing some extra zig-zagging to include Utah… I would say go for it!

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Utah is one of the most beautiful states, and is filled with amazing national parks! Amanda, I am so glad I found your blog! I have a couple of questions that I hope you can answer! Coming from the flat midwest, I am worried about driving in the mountains. Is that something you had to deal with for the first time on your road trip? Do you have any tips about that? Thanks for taking the time to read all of your comments!! Hey Heidi! Yes, we did drive through the mountains on our trip, but we went in August — no chance of snow!

There are still normal roads. Floating […]. Santa Claus, Indiana — lots of cute little Christmas-themed things there.

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Since we lived in Canada we want to take advantage and head up to British Columbia. Sounds crazy right?? Maybe 4? Too much? Please let me know what you think! Last question — is it possible to find restrooms with showers in American routes?