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One evening, as the sun set, Sean was holding Shannon in the water right outside their cabana, when Shannon felt something large bump the outside of her thigh. She jumped. But before she could say anything, Sean dropped her and rushed to shore. My head feels heavy. Go get help. Shannon got the attention of some tourists at a nearby bar, including an Israeli woman named a Shani Goren.

Sean was gone. But at that moment, she got into the back of a pickup truck with Sean, and she tried to breathe for him on the bumpy ride to a clinic. Shani Goren and her friend were still on the beach, and they decided to follow the truck on foot.

When they got to the clinic, they found Shannon pacing. Then she looked up at these two year-olds, and they looked back at her. Bring her water, bring her food, because she forgot to eat and drink.

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  7. While locals looked for the key to a refrigerated casket, they waited together for hours. You are sitting next to Sean, who is not with us anymore, but in the second way he's there — you can feel him, you can touch him, you can talk to him. Shani already knew death.

    So Shani knew to let Shannon lead. When Shannon wanted to cry, Shannon cried. When she wanted to talk, she talked.

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    When she wanted silence, they sat quietly together. I felt the need to be for her, there. It was early hours of the morning when Shannon got back to her cabana. It felt like a betrayal.

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    It felt like the salt was seeping in through the cracks in the walls; the ocean was pressing in. I wanted to block it out. Instead, she walked outside to the spot where Sean had died hours before. As soon as she wrote it, the waves started pulling the words back into the sea. The next morning, Shannon had to go the police station, and she was surprised to see her Israeli friends waiting for her.

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    FAQ Policy. About this book The presumed sovereignty of individuals and the facilitating powers of the markets have generated a universal and ethically neutral conception of both social and economic organisation. Show all. Services for this book Download High-Resolution Cover. PAGE 1.