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Bank Customers Want What Technology Can Give Them

New Ways to Invest Over the years, banks and financial institutions have had to weather a lot of strife. Why do they matter?

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This makes it easy to invest. Stash : For those with a bit of insight, this app allows individuals to choose from 30 different exchange-traded funds. The fees are low.

Raising the Bar: The Financial Services Client Experience

Users can also invest in some individual stocks. Earnin : This free financial service allows you to draw fee-free amounts from your paycheck - whenever you want - from your smartphone. Since you've already earned your wages, the idea is that you should be able to access those wages anytime - not just every two weeks.

Solve your specific banking needs

Digital technology is essential with 69 percent preferring a mobile application over any other. They will invest, but they will do it on their terms.

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They will be more engaged than any other generation in their financial services. This includes mobile, digital and in-bank interactions.

Three Elements Of Next-Generation Data Management For Financial Services

Previous Post. Key characteristics include:. A standardized logical data model supports data consistency and simple access from analytics applications. It also minimizes data replication and reconciliation efforts. Modeling the business view of data helps business stakeholders take ownership of their data because they are not required to understand the physical implementation on the database level or the complexity of multiple physical data silos.

NextWave Financial Services: Financial Well-being | EY – Global

To build your data management platform on trusted, connected data, you need to collect and integrate data in a unified data landscape based on the standardized logical data model. Essential features include:.

A data hub can help you gain a holistic view of data assets, manage data across the full IT landscape, and integrate data into a unified view. By building the platform around a data hub, you can increase transparency of and access to all data assets, which increases agility and the speed of innovation.

Raising the Bar: The Financial Services Client Experience

Critical data hub functionality includes:. Instead of viewing data as a cost driver, most leaders now see it as essential asset — one that requires certain investments to unlock its true value. To find out how leading financial services firms that are deploying data-driven analytics, read my next blog and the rest of the series.

Read the Digitalist Magazine and get the latest insights about the digital economy that you can capitalize on today. He is globally responsible for driving the success of SAP data management solutions for financial services with a focus on the go-to-market and solution strategy. Hong Kong, November 27 — The Bank of East Asia Limited BEA has extended its partnership with Finastra to enhance its end-to-end digital trade capabilities and customer services for its corporate and personal banking services.

At BEA, we are committed to developing and applying new technologies to enhance the customer experience.

ZB Financial Holdings Grows Digital Customer Base with Next-Generation Banking Services

Its latest functionalities also support banks to significantly optimize efficiencies, enhance service propositions, and reduce operational risk. BEA can now take advantage of enhanced data access to improve products, services and pricing with greater insight into client risk, exposures and their end-to-end supply chain.