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Oftentimes the willingness to do so in an honest manner can make a difference. I think it needs to be pointed out that there is a spectrum of views on defining inerrancy within the inerrancy camp ex. I read some of the stuff yesterday. When I see the date it seems so far away from the date our Lord was here walking. It always amazes me when we need councils to redetermine what a word means and then seeks to define it in a way that props up their way of thinking. The Bible is the inspired word of God and is trustworthy.

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God has the ability to move and work within it the way He sees fit with whom He is working with in the place they are at now. Just like Hebrew poetry building on ideas and thought in real life experiences with the beloved. The beauty of the love is the depths thoughts are built upon as we are able to receive them. Such a gentle hand kindly taking us on into a greater way of enjoying His fruit in sharing it with others.

Certainly wish I could be reminded to be so gentle at times. We might not have a !!! Or even a !!!!! I was trying to be kind to his approach.

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I agree with the kindness to the approach. These men were likely very genuine in what they were doing as I would believe most councils concerning such affairs. I wonder the same about the councils that were architects to the Bible I now read. It would seem that many of the views that were circulating at early times needed to be addressed. I often wonder if those views would have dissipated on their own. I agree. That said it does carry the connotation of non-metaphorical interpretation, which is why it is, in fact, more attractive to someone like Mohler.

It reduces the Bible to a mix between a dictionary and a newspaper periodical, both of which are highly anachronistic. Ironically, as you notice, those who claim this view apply it selectively. In the midst of the Cold War, the social upheavals of the ?

The danger of viewing the Bible with an understanding of textual inerrancy is that it leads to biblicism. Great book for anyone with a philosophical bent! I understand that even if he did, he would be highly unlikely to persuade anyone to change their mind. Jesus is the author and perfecter of our faith, not the Bible. There are many different forms of inerrancy. Does anyone actually believe the Chicago Statement version?

Seems disingenuous to say you believe one thing and actually believe another. I recall that Michael Spencer himself, on this website, spent much time trying to convince people that he held to the words of the Chicago statement, while drawing different conclusions than others who held to the same statement.

Perhaps Chaplain Mike can dig up some classic IM to illustrate how this plays out. God overrode their brains and made them think the thoughts that he wanted them to think and then they wrote those thoughts down? I recognize that this is a complicated question for anyone who believes in any kind of inspiration — not just inerrancy. Also, the text was assembled by people. Is there a claim of supernatural guidance in selecting which texts were inerrant?

Mike, you hit on an important topic with this question.

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From a Catholic perspective and to an extend an Orthodox one as well the short answer in a round-about way is yes. Ecumenical Councils or local synods with Ecumenical authority have determined what the Holy Spirit has dictated through Tradition what the Biblical canon consists of. This would account for why the character and portrayal of Jesus seem different from St Mark to St John, even though they are inspired by the same God.

If you were to add in additional point that the church has also inerrantly identified the correct writings, would Catholics agree with the definition above of what the Bible is. God is the author according to this statement — not a co author. This sounds authoritative but has little actual value. A few verses here, a few there. This makes the Bible sound like a handbook or owners manual. That seems to be the real question.

What is scripture and what is it claiming? Is it purely divine words written down by human vessels? The overall goal of the statement seems to be to provide a philosophically impenetrable wall around a view of what scripture must be regardless of what it actually is, says, or how it came to be so that it can satisfactorily meet the requirements of modern foundationalist philosophy.

Especially your closing paragraph. In fact, it seems painfully obvious to me undergrad and graduate classes in philosophy, rhetoric, logic, argumentation, etc. I suspect it functions more as a shiboleth. A person who joined the club but then later felt they no longer believed some of those statements might feel need to suppress their doubts or be shamed and rejected for voicing them.

My basic problem with inerrancy is that the Bible is not internally consistent, not by a long stretch, and therefore to insist upon every portion of scripture carrying equal weight and authority does violence to the full truth about God that is revealed in the person and work of Christ.

The Right Idea: How West & East Seek the True, Good, & Beautiful

In short, strict inerrancy as set forth in that statement makes God subject to the text, rather than the text being subject to God. Was the Bible made by God, or was God made by the Bible? Sooooo, since the subject is what the Bible says. Should churches meet on Saturdays or Sundays? PS I know the Sabbath day is the 6th day of the week. Depends on who you ask. When I was attending a Baptist university, I would argue Sunday, just to avoid the weird questions from my classmates. It also depends on when you ask. As part of the covenant between the people of Israel and Yahweh, the seventh day was the day to keep holy.

The switch to Sunday has a lot of historical and cultural background that is much to convoluted to explore in a single post. In the end, though, I believe that the date on which churches should meet is ultimately a distinction without a difference. The emphasis I would place on this debate would be on the exhortation to meet, and the nature of that gathering, rather than the date on which it happens. A love poem working its way into and through our lives. A history of how and a testimony of those who were living it pointing to the One who without a shadow of a doubt declared His intention of loving His bride.

Sometimes I wish He would have then I might know His innermost thoughts. Great way to put it, w! And if I might push the boundaries of heresy a bit, our own stories and testimonies are like an addendum to His heart book. They almost become an extension of His love poem.

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Our faith stories weaved into His faith story. Yes, I almost regretted posting that. Did you ever post something and then wish you could hit delete.

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I think the problem with it is it so incomplete of a statement that it could be added to in so many ways. I certainly do a love the one of a kind way the Lord works with us. But nobody actually does that.

plaspamtomimist.tk No one cares that Methusalech begat Jehoshebat.